We lead the way in on-demand transportation through scalable, reliable and easy to use software

At GTS, we build great booking systems for car sharing and shuttles.  Our systems have been used to book over 300 million miles of journeys across the globe, by both large and small car sharing services. 

We believe that simplicity is key to successful software.  Our software is feature rich but also easy to manage. Highly configurable, our systems put you in control of your fleet. 

Demand prediction is key to the future of mobility.  At the heart of our products are sophisticated data analytics and machine learning techniques. We optimise the car sharing and shuttle environments so busses no longer run empty and cars are placed where the demand is.

GTS is a leading supplier of mobility software for the automotive industry. We are also leading the way in ride-sharing for autonomous vehicles.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our clients range from leading car share companies like Mobility Systems to major OEMs. GTS is trusted to make mobility simple.


Partnering with GTS has been nothing but exceptional.
With a growing start up, we required expert assistance and reliability, which GTS provided seamlessly.  

Matt Best - Founder, Student Car Share Australia 




Original Equipment Manufacturers

Stay ahead in a changing mobility landscape.


GTS has many years of experience dealing with some of the largest OEMs in the world. We understand your need for a complete, reliable mobility solution. Our Drop.car technology is built with patented data analytics and AI enabled technology to futureproof your business for the autonomous vehicle age. 

To manage large fleets of vehicles our Share.car technology provides a flexible modular car sharing platform that can be adapted to your needs. Compete in the growing on-demand shuttle market with our Dynamic Shuttle technology. Combined together Drop.car, Share.car and Dynamic Shuttle provide a comprehensive mobility platform. We can make our software work for you by customising our solution to meet your needs. 


Corporate / Municipality

Increase your profits per shuttle, increase the number of passengers using your shuttles and reduce passenger travel times with GTS’ Dynamic Shuttle.


Dynamic shuttles get passengers to their destinations faster and reduce fleet costs. GTS’ Dynamic Shuttle technology functions like on-demand e-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Instead of fixed stops, passengers are assigned to the shuttle that can optimize their travel time.  The system works by grouping passengers with similar requirements together and predicting demand for any given route or service. Passengers hail shuttles with a mobile app.   


Car Share Operators

Grow your business with GTS.


Our platform is modular, simple and scalable. Our Share.car software suite allows you to load your fleet of vehicles, set your stations, input your charging details and start adding customers in a matter of hours all via the GTS Share.car platform. Automated damage reporting as well as access to a range of vehicle information from fuel level to illegal speeding allow you to easily manage your vehicles on an ongoing basis. While our business analytics tools allow you to identify the most profitable locations, vehicle types and promotions.  


Car Rental Operators

Take your company into the future.


Now you can enter the rapidly growing car share market leveraging the strength of your trusted fleet of cars and established brand. GTS will use your own logo and company name to create your own branded app. Through the app, customers can book a car and pay for it without ever going to a check-in deck. The customer’s own phone acts as a key to access the car.  Reduce your staffing and check-in desk costs and increase the speed and quality of the service you provide to your customers with GTS' Share Car technology. 




Our industry leading booking system allows clients to manage their operations with ease. Built with scalability and reliability at the forefront, the GTS booking system allows you to grow quickly without ever losing performance.

With AI-enabled demand prediction and dynamic routing, GTS is leading the way in the mobility sector.







Flexible, fast, simple.

Share.car is our car share booking platform built for all forms of station-based car sharing. Share.car contains all the elements that a Car Share Operator (CSO) needs to run a successful car share operation. 


Our intuitive platform allows the CSO to easily manage rates and fees, approve customers, check driver’s licenses, issue and refund invoices, track fleet usage, add cars, manage damage, set taxes and monitor the performance of the fleet. 

Through the Share.car community function the CSO can either restrict car access to a specific group or open the fleet up to everyone in a city.  The system is designed for Residential, Campus, Corporate and City car sharing and allows a car share fleet to be restricted to a residential building, students or a corporate campus. 

Our SaaS platform is designed to get you started quickly as a fully-fledged car-share operation.  From contract signing we will have you up and running in a matter of weeks; with unique mobile apps branded with your companies colours and logos, in-car hardware set up and a back-end system all ready to go for you to manage your customers and fleet.

Share.car’s configurable design allows clients to adapt the system to their changing needs. If you are an established CSO business and feel your current software solution isn’t quite right or a car rental company looking to diversify your business, we have advanced data migration techniques to easily port your existing user and booking data over to the Share.car platform.





Total Configuration Control

  • Per vehicle rates
  • Configurable invoicing
  • Late fees
  • Max/min booking times
  • Cancellation limit
  • Time between bookings
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

Native Apps

  • iOS and Android natively supported
  • Membership application
  • Lock/unlock via the App
  • Full reservation management

Seamless Fleet Management

  • Comprehensive damage reporting and tracking
  • In-car hardware integration
  • Vehicle setup and administration
  • GPS and location management
  • Telemetry reporting
  • Vehicle status alerts

Instant Payment Processing

  • NEW Promo code discounts
  • NEW Set up complex tax rules in minutes with our easy-to-use wizard
  • Automatically process payments, bill customers at time of booking & collect payments. Our third-party integration means you never have to manually bill your customers
  • Supports split payments, issuing of refunds and instant payment collection
  • The system generates a range of booking summaries and cost breakdown


  • Track detailed late returns by member/community
  • See all completed bookings along with revenue
  • See total revenue per station
  • All reports can be downloaded to CSV file

Customer Management

  • The platform is designed for effortless user management. The easy-to-use administrative console simplifies customer management
  • Full oversight of customer booking and transaction history
  • Key customer management tools such as fine, ban, suspend and delete



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Faster journeys, optimised capacity.

GTS’ Dynamic Shuttle marries the flexibility and simplicity of our Share.car platform with the powerful data analytics and algorithms of our Drop.car technology to provide the most effective mobility solution on the market.


Our Dynamic Shuttle platform functions like on-demand e-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Instead of fixed stops, passengers are grouped together by travel time and destination. Passengers hail shuttles through the mobile app. The shuttle software’s AI capabilities dynamically route drivers to perform efficient pick-ups and drop-offs.

Compared to traditional shuttle services,
Dynamic Shuttle: 

  • Makes journeys faster and more direct
  • Removes idle waiting at stops, for passengers and shuttles
  • Increases fleet utilisation and reduces fleet costs
  • Improves services and increases passenger numbers
  • Reduces congestion and reduces parking needs.



Back Office Management System

  • Passenger assignment to shuttle trip
  • Dynamic adjustment of shuttle trip to accommodate addition of passengers
  • Billing passenger for shuttle trips 
  • Add and manage bus stops and routes
  • Register drivers
  • Manage driver shifts
  • Assign drivers to shuttle
  • Create and manage routes
  • Manage customers
  • View location of all shuttles

Passenger App

  • White labelled
  • Registration and login
  • Add/remove credit cards
  • Book a seat on a shuttle bus
  • Tracking of upcoming and current shuttle trip
  • View past trips and invoices

Driver App

  • Transmission of vehicle location data to GPS APIs
  • Review schedule of upcoming booked journeys
  • Checking passengers on & off
  • Dynamic re-routing


  • KPI reports including route by revenue and popular times of day
  • See all completed bookings along with revenue
  • See total revenue per route
  • All reports can be downloaded to CSV file


dynamic shuttle - how it works V3.png

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The right place at the right time.

Drop.car knows exactly where your vehicles need to be and at what time. This enables you to predict demand and provides you with a fleet balancing platform.


Drop.car ensures that your car-sharing fleet is always in the right spot to meet demand. 

It is an application programming interface that is designed to be plugged in to your existing system to optimise your fleet and maximise revenue.  Our patented demand prediction algorithms understand patterns of demand across locations and time of day and use dynamic pricing to provide fleet balancing.

No need to hire a team of drivers to relocate cars for you, our dynamic pricing gets customers to move the vehicles for you.  Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by always having the right car in the right place at the right time.






Unique Demand Prediction

Patented, dynamic algorithms take the guesswork out of transport demand.

  • Weather changes
  • Seasonal variations
  • Special events
  • Public holidays

Realtime Reporting

All the information you need at the press of a button.

  • Where is demand not being met?
  • Where is parking capacity insufficient?
  • How does yesterday's demand compare with today's

Summary reports created by day, week or month.


Get ready for autonomous!

A smooth transition to the driverless world.

  • Existing car-sharing data gives a head start on autonomous demand prediction
  • Dynamic Pricing aids autonomous fleet balancing

Dynamic pricing


Maximise revenue while minimising costs.

  • Get the customers to relocate the vehicles for you
  • Instantly matches price to demand
  • Incentivises price to ensure vehicles are where they need to be



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Peter Soutter, CEO

Peter founded GTS and has grown the company from an idea to an established brand that is now powering some of the world’s largest mobility players. A regular speaker at mobility conferences, Peter is highly regarded for his ability to anticipate technological trends in the transport sector.



Simon Wilson, CSO

Simon is the Chief Science Officer at GTS. He holds a PhD in stochastic modelling from the George Washington University, and is currently Professor and Head of the Statistics Discipline in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin.


Brian Gallagher, CTO

Brian is Chief Technical Officer at GTS. He has over 10 years of professional web development experience working primarily with PHP, Zend Framework, Java and Spring. Brian leads the team of software developers and engineers at GTS.


Johnny Harte, CFO

Johnny acts as Chief Financial Officer at GTS. He has over 17 years of strategic finance experience within the technology sector. Johnny brings with him notable experience in strategic and financial planning as well as a deep understanding of all stages of the business life cycle.


Staff Members

Richard Doody
Head of Sales

Carlos Anjos
Software Developer

Conor Gahan
Technical Team Lead

Costin Alexiu
Systems Administrator

Kamil Jakuc
Software Developer

Michael Flanagan
Software Developer

Ritika Negi
UX Designer

Damien Brody

Peter Keating
Software Developer

Mike Murry
Graphic Designer



Enrico Digirolamo

Enrico has over 30 years senior management experience in CFO, VP/SVP, General Management, Senior Advisor, Chairman, and Board Member roles for numerous public and private companies in the automotive, insurance, and technology industries.

He has extensive experience in leading complex global businesses, M&A and carve-out, IPOs, corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, and business transformation. During a 31 year career at General Motors, Enrico was the Vice President and CFO for GM Europe and was Chairman of Saab Motors. As Chairman of the Board, Enrico's expertise in the automotive and technology industries especially is a great asset for GTS.



Anthony Gajadharsingh

Anthony has a wealth of expertise in mergers and acquisitions, strategic business planning, international business development, management processes, and sales and marketing for large multi-national companies and private equity firms. His experience with some of the world’s largest materials handling technology suppliers gives Anthony a specialist insight into growing and expanding technology companies. 


Stephen Brennan

Stephen was part of the senior management team responsible for the establishment of Symantec, a leading multinational software company, in Ireland. He held global responsibility for product and service localisation, internationalisation and certification and established engineering centres in China, India, Japan and Poland. Stephen’s impressive expertise in people management and geographic expansion are invaluable to GTS.




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