The right place at the right time.

Drop.car knows exactly where your vehicles need to be and at what time. This enables you to predict demand and provides you with a fleet balancing platform.


Drop.car ensures that your car-sharing fleet is always in the right spot to meet demand. 

It is an application programming interface that is designed to be plugged in to your existing system to optimise your fleet and maximise revenue.  Our patented demand prediction algorithms understand patterns of demand across locations and time of day and use dynamic pricing to provide fleet balancing.

No need to hire a team of drivers to relocate cars for you, our dynamic pricing gets customers to move the vehicles for you.  Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by always having the right car in the right place at the right time.






Unique Demand Prediction

Patented, dynamic algorithms take the guesswork out of transport demand.

  • Weather changes
  • Seasonal variations
  • Special events
  • Public holidays

Realtime Reporting

All the information you need at the press of a button.

  • Where is demand not being met?
  • Where is parking capacity insufficient?
  • How does yesterday's demand compare with today's

Summary reports created by day, week or month.


Get ready for autonomous!

A smooth transition to the driverless world.

  • Existing car-sharing data gives a head start on autonomous demand prediction
  • Dynamic Pricing aids autonomous fleet balancing

Dynamic pricing


Maximise revenue while minimising costs.

  • Get the customers to relocate the vehicles for you
  • Instantly matches price to demand
  • Incentivises price to ensure vehicles are where they need to be



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