Faster journeys, optimised capacity.

GTS’ Dynamic Shuttle marries the flexibility and simplicity of our Share.car platform with the powerful data analytics and algorithms of our Drop.car technology to provide the most effective mobility solution on the market.


Our Dynamic Shuttle platform functions like on-demand e-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Instead of fixed stops, passengers are grouped together by travel time and destination. Passengers hail shuttles through the mobile app. The shuttle software’s AI capabilities dynamically route drivers to perform efficient pick-ups and drop-offs.

Compared to traditional shuttle services,
Dynamic Shuttle: 

  • Makes journeys faster and more direct
  • Removes idle waiting at stops, for passengers and shuttles
  • Increases fleet utilisation and reduces fleet costs
  • Improves services and increases passenger numbers
  • Reduces congestion and reduces parking needs.



Back Office Management System

  • Passenger assignment to shuttle trip
  • Dynamic adjustment of shuttle trip to accommodate addition of passengers
  • Billing passenger for shuttle trips 
  • Add and manage bus stops and routes
  • Register drivers
  • Manage driver shifts
  • Assign drivers to shuttle
  • Create and manage routes
  • Manage customers
  • View location of all shuttles

Passenger App

  • White labelled
  • Registration and login
  • Add/remove credit cards
  • Book a seat on a shuttle bus
  • Tracking of upcoming and current shuttle trip
  • View past trips and invoices

Driver App

  • Transmission of vehicle location data to GPS APIs
  • Review schedule of upcoming booked journeys
  • Checking passengers on & off
  • Dynamic re-routing


  • KPI reports including route by revenue and popular times of day
  • See all completed bookings along with revenue
  • See total revenue per route
  • All reports can be downloaded to CSV file


dynamic shuttle - how it works V3.png

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