Flexible, fast, simple. is our car share booking platform built for all forms of station-based car sharing. contains all the elements that a Car Share Operator (CSO) needs to run a successful car share operation. 


Our intuitive platform allows the CSO to easily manage rates and fees, approve customers, check driver’s licenses, issue and refund invoices, track fleet usage, add cars, manage damage, set taxes and monitor the performance of the fleet. 

Through the community function the CSO can restrict car access to specific groups or open the fleet up to everyone with the app.  The system is designed for Residential, Campus, Corporate and City car sharing and allows a car share fleet to be subdivided in whichever manner best suits the CSO. 

Many Car Rental and Fleet Organisations provide vehicles to several businesses. With our Community function you can provide each business with their own car sharing community. In a matter of minutes each business can set the community’s booking rules, mileage rates, late fees, choose to allow staff book cars outside of business hours, assign costs to different departments based on which staff from which department are booking vehicles etc. Don’t just provide dedicated vehicles to a business, provide a dedicated car sharing system to them! For more details on how can help you provide Corporate Car Sharing check out this blog post: Corporate Car Sharing It Works

Our SaaS platform is designed to get you started quickly as a fully-fledged car-sharing operation.  From contract signing we will have you up and running in a matter of weeks; with unique mobile apps branded with your companies colors and logos, in-car hardware set up and a back-end system all ready to go for you to manage your customers and fleet.’s configurable design allows clients to adapt the system to their changing needs. Once your system goes live you’ll start to generate data and after analyzing your fleets data you’ll be able to reconfigure your system to maximize vehicle utilization and profits. To learn more about which figures you should be playing close attention to check out our blog post on Data Analysis for Car Sharing

 If you are an established CSO business and feel your current software solution isn’t quite right or a car rental company looking to diversify your business, we have advanced data migration techniques to easily port your existing user and booking data over to the platform.

The GTS Guide to Successful Car Sharing



Total Configuration Control

  • Per vehicle rates

  • Configurable invoicing

  • Late fees

  • Max/min booking times

  • Cancellation limit

  • Time between bookings

  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions


Native Apps

  • iOS and Android natively supported

  • Membership application

  • Lock/unlock via the App

  • Full reservation management


Seamless Fleet Management

  • Comprehensive damage reporting and tracking

  • In-car hardware integration

  • Vehicle setup and administration

  • GPS and location management

  • Telemetry reporting

  • Vehicle status alerts


Instant Payment Processing

  • NEW Promo code discounts

  • NEW Set up complex tax rules in minutes with our easy-to-use wizard

  • Automatically process payments, bill customers at time of booking & collect payments. Our third-party integration means you never have to manually bill your customers

  • Supports split payments, issuing of refunds and instant payment collection

  • The system generates a range of booking summaries and cost breakdown



  • Track detailed late returns by member/community

  • See all completed bookings along with revenue

  • See total revenue per station

  • All reports can be downloaded to CSV file


Customer Management

  • The platform is designed for effortless user management. The easy-to-use administrative console simplifies customer management

  • Full oversight of customer booking and transaction history

  • Key customer management tools such as fine, ban, suspend and delete




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